Mathias Simonis, Certified Mixologist

Distil Mixologist Mathias Simonis has been blowing up on the national cocktail scene over the past few years. Self proclaimed "Bartender First, "Mixologist" second", Mathias has been "In the Trenches" building a cocktail scene in Milwaukee that is gaining young new talent and national attention.

Mathias Started behind the bar at Outback Steakhouse in 2001, from there he moved to his first "Real Bartending Job" at Papa's Social Club. His first day on the job Richard Heil (Bar Manager at the time) told him "The rule to bartending is you can do this for 50 years and you won't know everything, there will always be something to learn". Mathias attests this to his growth over the years. Wanting to learn more he moved into fine dining at Bjonda in 2003. His time at Bjonda educated him on food, wine and fine spirits, and his first run at "Craft Cocktails" using fresh and unique ingredients he began studying cocktails and creating new ideas. Over the years he has worked all over town creating cocktail and memories as well as training some new comers in Milwaukee's cocktail community. His resume includes Roots, Decibel, Soho 7, Intercontinental Hotel and Now Distil, where he has teamed up with long time friend and colleague Mike Edler to create a new and unique concept to the city. Mathias focuses on keeping things fun, fresh, and simple, exposing people to classic cocktails while creating new and contemporary ones and continually strives to raise the bar shift after shift.
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